How does delayed financing work? What are the benefits of delayed financing?

Here’s a great scenario to demonstrate the benefits of delayed financing.

Delayed financing may be beneficial if  you are trying to purchase a home with competing offers. You can pay cash for the home, but don’t want to, and would rather finance the home; however, if you presented an offer with financing, you may get beat out for the home.

Delayed financing allows you to pay cash for the home, and then take the cash out with a refinance within 6 months of closing.

This is an exception to the general rule where you would have to wait 6 months prior to being able to refinance. Here are some general rules regarding a delayed financing loan:

● The original purchase transaction was an arms-length

● The original purchase transaction is documented by a
Settlement Statement or Closing Disclosure, which
confirms no mortgage financing was used to obtain the
subject property.

● A preliminary title report must confirm there are no
existing liens on title

● The source of funds for the purchase transaction are

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