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We needed to get

We needed to get qualified/approved on a rental property and John called late at night and talked us through three scenarios. While giving us sound advice on what would be best for our situation, he really helped solidify our decision. It’s a big decision for any family but really his expertise and availability was the best. Thank you John for your help and guidance. Your service is excellent and I would give 5 out 5 stars.

Kevin Campbell

I met Jim Moore. I

I met Jim Moore. I consider Jim Moore as the Lender King. He can make any situation possible. He was very thorough with the process, and I was able to close. He even allowed me to purchase new appliances for my home. Jim definitely has a heart for veterans. Thank you Jim for all that you’ve done! I definitely appreciate your hard work and patience with me.

Meloniece Gaskin

Thank you very much for

Thank you very much for refinancing my home loan for me. It all went so smoothly. Not like those 2 other numbskulls who tried to do it! I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know who wants to finance or refinance their loan. Thanks again.

Cindy Celler

Having utilized John’s services many

Having utilized John’s services many times over the years, and as a real estate professional myself, I can say without qualification that John’s expertise, professionalism and business ethics transcend those typically found within our business. He’s great about returning calls, following through and delivering at least what was promised (sometimes, considerably more!), and can accordingly look forward to both my personal and referral mortgage business for many years to come.

Jeremy Lewis

When it came time for

When it came time for us to buy our new home a few months ago, we had a couple options for obtaining a mortgage. Previously, we worked with John at Counsel Mortgage on a re-fi a few years back, and so we decided to go with Counsel Mortgage Group, LLC again. A lot has changed in the last few years in terms of getting a new mortgage (read: a lot of required documents!), but thankfully John is the expert in making the process as painless as possible. Not only is he completely up-to-date on current mortgage regulations, he is as congenial as they come and was instantly responsive to any questions we had. His expertise resulted in us getting a great loan product – one we didn’t even know was possible. We highly recommend Counsel Mortgage and can’t say enough good things about our experience with John.

Mary Duggan

Wow! What can I

Wow! What can I say…

I decided to buy a home and then called Counsel Mortgage and talked with John…
whom I would describe as both an honest and knowledgeable professional…and will highly recommend and use again in the future.

John helped guide me through the whole purchase process…I got the purchase loan pre-approval quickly…and the final approval and loan documents ahead of the closing deadline…Even with a job change in the middle of the purchase!

I cannot say enough good things about John and his team.

Thank You Again!

Brian Y.

I am a local real

I am a local real estate agent and have worked with John for several years. He is a top notch lender and I will continue to use his services. I never have to worry about anything with John, and my clients are ALWAYS satisfied! I highly recommend using John for any and all of your lender/mortgage needs!

Susan G.

First off, I just wanted

First off, I just wanted to start by saying what a pleasure it was in working with you in purchasing my very own first home. You were intelligent, helpful and insightful in helping me through the complicated process. I realize that there were several road bumps along the way, probably more than normal for you, but I can’t stress how much I appreciated you helping me navigate through each and every obstacle.

It’s been going on a few months now that I have been living in my home, and I still can’t describe the smile I have each day when I get home from work just by simply walking through my front door. The house is truly everything that I could have wanted in a home, and then some. It is a very proud feeling to call myself a homeowner, and you helped me realize that goal. I meant to write this letter to you much sooner, but alas things always seemed to keep coming up, which unfortunately delayed this message.

But today, I finally decided that this would be my number one priority. To put everything else on hold, just as you did so many times for me during those several months. So with that said John, I just want to say one last time, how much I greatly appreciate all the work you did on my behalf. You made a frustrating process into a very positive result. And for that, I thank you ten times over.

Jay Cantor

As a first time home

As a first time home buyer I had no idea what I was getting my self into, until I found John and Counsel Mortgage Group!

From the time I contacted John Rapasky he always made himself available to answer all of my questions no matter how small or ignorant they may have been.

In less than 2 months Counsel Mortgage Group helped raise my credit score through coaching, fill out all of the paper work, shop for the best rate available and even went beyond the call of duty in just listening to me and answering questions completely unrelated to financial of my house!

Counsel Mortgage Group and John Rapasky truly care about their clients. I made the right choice coming here and would recommend Counsel Mortgage Group to the closest people in my life because I know that they would get the best!


Over the last 5 years

Over the last 5 years we have secured 2 residential mortgages with the assistance of Counsel Mortgage Group, LLC and John Rapasky. The first loan was a standard refinancing which allowed us to take advantage of the low interest rates. The fees paid were comparable if not lower than other providers. The 2nd loan was a new mortgage on a home where the Seller was not aware of an issue that popped up before closing. John’s background as a lawyer and a real estate specialist helped us navigate around the issues in a timely manner. His real estate and legal advice helped us resolve the issue and close on the property.


Thanks for all of your

Thanks for all of your help, John!

I appreciate the great communication that made it easy for me to gather and send the necessary documents, and it was really helpful to be able to reach you easily to talk and have things explained to me when necessary.

We are very enthused about our house!

David D.

Mike (Green) is the most

Mike (Green) is the most thorough professional, detail-oriented and very knowledgeable gas station specialist we have ever worked with. Also his communication skills and prompt follow through are remarkable. . . . He worked tirelessly . . .to get the deal done, helping at every turn.. . . I would recommend Mike to anyone . . .wanting to get a commercial or an SBA loan today as the most competent guide, hard-working agent I have ever encountered. We didn’t have to worry about the process, because we knew you were doing your job. Saleema and I have had 13 years experience buying and selling homes, gas station, land and what have you. Our experience with you has without a doubt been the best. You had stayed right on top of every detail. Looking forward to our next transaction with you soon. Thanks.

Akbar Rajwani

Jim Moore at Counsel Mortgage

Jim Moore at Counsel Mortgage Group gave us hope when we thought we didn’t have any when it came to our financial situation. Every month we were in the red and our credit score was falling until we came in contact with Jim Moore from Counsel Mortgage Group. He helped us re-finance our home and advised us on how to go about paying off our debt and raising our credit score. We were successful with our refinance and everyday our credit score is rising thanks to Jim Moore and his team. They where there for us every step of the way through out the process and we were successful in completing our refinance. It has been the best decision we made. We strongly recommend Jim Moore at Counsel Mortgage Group to anyone who’s looking to refinance their home.

Monte & Lisa Ann Sepulveda

John, . . .[Y]ou have

John, . . .[Y]ou have been wonderful to work with. Thanks for making this process easy. Appreciate your help. . . . I will send some recommendation[s] your way as well.

Gireesh Rema

I don’t think I could

I don’t think I could find a finer and more concerned person than Jim Moore to do what he does. I would recommend and refer anyone to him that needs assistance with their home mortgage finances. He never pushed me when I asked if he could help me refinance my home. When I found out he could help me, there was never any pressure. Jim went far and above the norm by reassuring me that everything was going to be alright and worked around my schedule. He is “An all-around professional

Darrell Fitch

Thank you very much for

Thank you very much for all your effort on this project. Starting with their loan qualification, all the VA related issues, educating me on those specific nuances as well, and then just working it through all the details and steps of the whole process. It is most appreciated. You are a wizard at what you do, and there is a difference compared to most other loan officers. I tell people repeatedly, as I know how bad it can be, but unfortunately most people think they are all equivalent.
Again, most appreciated.

Mike Reisman, Reisman Realty LLC