Tell us everything before you do anything, tell us your story, then we can get the best loan for you.

Over the years, we have told our clients to tell us everything about their scenario. We want to see their income, credit report, assets, bank accounts, investment accounts, retirement accounts, and real estate owned. We want to know what these look like before you do anything: pay down credit cards, pay off collections, get new credit, file tax returns early, get a co-signer, put more/less down. You may find you can apply for the right loan now without doing anything. This advice can save you thousands of dollars.

Alternatively, it may be better to take some action to improve your chances to get a loan or get a better loan. We’ll put a plan together: tell you which credit cards to pay down and how much, or to get new cards, whether to pay collections, file the tax returns, get a co-signer, or save for more down payment. We do this service for FREE.

We are a mortgage broker and work with a variety of lenders. Thus, we have many resources to shop for the best loan for you. If you want some help evaluating your scenario, contact us.

We offer a variety product services, ask us how we can assist you today:
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