You have many different choices for where to get a mortgage. There are banks, mortgage banks, and mortgage brokers. Many try to sell you their products, for example, down payment assistance, free appraisals, first-time homebuyer loans, doctor’s loans, public employee (teachers, police officer) loans, etc. hoping you’ll bite on the sales pitch in lieu of less favorable terms on the loan. Ultimately, it is the loan you will be paying back. For example, it is important to ask about the terms of the loan, the amount of mortgage insurance, if any, or if there are any other loans that are more favorable to you, rather than those they are trying sell you. Be forewarned, banks do not have a fiduciary duty to advise you of the best product for you. Banks and mortgage banks sell their products.
We are a mortgage broker and work for you, the buyer. We have access to a lot of programs, whether or not offered by banks. We consider your scenario and whether these products are best for you, or whether there is something else out there that would be better for you.
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