Are you considering buying a home and using liquidated monies from stock investment accounts?

You may feel conflicted because you want to make a large down payment to get a better interest rate, but do not want to sell the assets in your investment accounts and pay taxes on any gains.

By pledging the assets to the lender, you’ll will be able to keep money in the market and be given credit for a large down payment.

Example, a couple is looking to purchase a $700,000 home, and want a conforming loan amount of $400,000 to take advantage of the better rates. They have $500,000 invested in mutual funds that are making a very good return, and $100,000 in a checking account. The pledged asset program allows them to borrow up to 90% of the value of the home, so they can borrow $400,000 from the mortgage lender, pledge $230,000 of the assets in their mutual fund to the lender, and make a $70,000 down payment from their checking account. This allows them to have the lower loan amount while keeping their investments in the market and avoiding tax.

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