Years ago, in the depths of the mortgage crisis, I created a company to provide a solution to the problems created by the mortgage crisis. There were way too many loan officers putting people in loans they should not have qualified for, or simply not caring about their specific circumstances. Counsel Mortgage Group, LLC was formed to provide counsel to borrowers to help them choose the right loan product for their circumstances. This was 12 years ago. I am proud to say our concept has grown as we have hired people who have this same philosophy.

In this world of high tech, and trying to provide quick and easy on-line solutions, what is in the best interest of the consumer can get overlooked. Is it in the best interest of the consumer to fill out a rocket fast application, without any guidance to what their options are in obtaining the biggest debt of their life? How much down payment should they make? Should they get a 30-year fixed, 25-year fixed, or some other mortgage? Can they avoid mortgage insurance? Are they a veteran and should they apply for a VA loan? Do they not have income, but still want to purchase an investment property? Do they live in a rural area, and may be able to obtain a USDA loan? How should they choose between a FHA loan or a conventional loan? Should they get a jumbo loan, or a loan at the conforming loan limit and make a larger down payment?

By leaving your decision in the hands of those who are concerned with quick responses or expediency, without regard or the ability to advise you of your options, is careless. We can close quickly, too, but we will guide you to help you select the right financing instrument for your biggest purchase.

Contact us and we will counsel you.

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