One of the many reasons you want to work with Counsel Mortgage Group is that we have great flexibility to get a deal done. As a mortgage broker, we have relationships with many different lenders who offer a variety of products.

Here are a couple examples of how we can help:

A client comes in with less than perfect credit, they have a steady job, student loans, car loan, and credit cards. As a result of the heavy debt load, their credit score has suffered, and is under 600, around 585.

How can we get ‘er done?

There are actually two ways: One is if they want to purchase now, they may be able to qualify for a FHA loan, many lenders will go down to a 580 credit score for a FHA loan. Alternatively, if they have some time, we will work with them to improve their credit, for FREE, and help them qualify for a conventional loan.

Another scenario is someone looking to purchase a new home before they sell their current home, but they do not have a job. We have been successful in obtaining a bridge loan using an asset depletion calculation to qualify the borrower. The bridge loan is to leverage the equity in their current home to purchase the new home. The asset depletion calculation is used to calculate income where you no longer have a job or monthly income, but have sufficient reserves.

These are just two creative ways in which we got ‘er done; there are many others.

We offer a variety of products and services, ask us how we can assist you today. Contact us and we can help you!

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