There are a lot of programs that market to first time homebuyers.

The most popular one is down payment assistance, no money down program; we broker this program.

Many banks and lenders tout how great this program is by allowing people who have never owned a home before, to get in the home with no money down.

What they may fail to tell the buyer is that these programs typically come with higher interest rates and costs than if they had a down payment. If the buyer could come up with as little as 1% down, which can be a gift, then the buyer could get a better rate and lower costs.

If you think about it from the lender’s perspective, a lender is going to give a better rate and terms to someone who is going to put 20% down than someone who is not going to put anything down and has never owned a home.

So, if you are a first time homebuyer, it is to your benefit to save and put as much money down as you can. You will end up with a better interest rate and lower costs. If you cannot save, we have a variety of no down and low down payment programs that we would be happy to go over with you.

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