You may hear many mortgage bankers advertise they have in-house underwriting and fund their own loans which gives them an advantage in getting your loan approved and funded. FAKE NEWS. Bankers promote these services as something special, but, it is not special to have your loan underwritten and funded on time. This should be expected when you apply for a loan.
We are a mortgage broker. We work for you and shop wholesale rates and costs, typically lower than what is offered by bankers. We have access to wholesale underwriters and funders. We are a client of the wholesalers, who are incentivized to perform in exchange for the hope of repeat business by us. Thus, they partner with us to provide you with the best terms and service.
No matter who you choose as a lender, the loan still needs to be underwritten pursuant to investor guidelines, and will not be funded until the loan meets those guidelines. We work with many of the same investors offered by banks. Thus, you might as well work with a company that can get you the lowest rate and costs on your loan. At Counsel Mortgage, we specialize in finding the right loan for the right reasons at the lowest costs for you. There are many different products in the marketplace, with many different sales pitches. Contact us and we can help you see through the noise to find the right mortgage.
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