The most common question I am asked is,” What documents are needed to apply for a loan?”

Each scenario is different, and there are probably documents that would not apply to you in this list. Alternatively, there may be items that do apply to you that are not in this list.

The following is a list of documents that are typically needed to apply for a residential loan:

  • Copy of front and back of drivers license
  • Copy of social security card
  • Last two years W-2s
  • Last two years tax returns, all pages
  • Last two years Schedule K-1s, if applicable
  • Last two paystubs
  • Last two months bank statements, all pages
  • Last two months brokerage account statements, retirement and non-retirement, all pages
  • Copies of leases for rental properties
  • Copies of mortgage statements for properties owned
  • Copy of divorce decree, court order for child support
  • Name and phone number of your homeowners insurance agent
  • Copy of front and back of canceled earnest money check and bank statement showing the check cleared
  • Name and phone number of the property manager for the HOA for condominiums
  • Executed Power of Attorney, specific to the address and limited in time, in the event you cannot sign and someone will sign on your behalf
  • Gift letter and copy of donor’s bank statement to source the gift
  • Social security award letter
  • Pension award letter
  • Copy of closing statement for the sale of your home if down payment on the new home is coming from the sale of your old home

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