When applying for a mortgage loan, the details matter. It is important that you provide us with all of the information, so we know how best to get the loan for you. Many times we’ll talk to someone on the phone who appears to know the process, or “has a friend” who did or did not need to provide certain documents. That may be true, but each scenario is different, and is individual to you. So, certain documents or information is requested, you’ll have to provide it.

One scenario we see often in today’s market is verification of employment during Covid. If you missed time during Covid, we’ll need to contact your employer to verify your wages and the time off. Lenders are concerned about furloughed employees and whether their stability of income is affected. The details put on the verification of employment form are important to calculating income.
Another example is bank statements. If a bank statement says page 1 of 4, the lender will expect to see all 4 pages, even if the 4th page is blank. The lender does not know the 4th page is blank, so you’ll have to provide it.
Many people approach applying for a mortgage loan almost as a right and they are entitled to a loan if they have good income, credit, and assets. Although this person may well be approved, they still need to provide the details to the lender so they can review your documents to approve you for the loan.
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