The FOMC raised the target federal funds by 25 bps earlier this month to a range of
1.75-2.00 %, and projected a third and fourth rate hike later this year, read that to be Sept and Dec. This sending the prime rate to 5%, and jacking up variable rate loans by ¼ point. The Fed cited increased retail sales, even excluding gas station fuel sales, and unemployment remaining below 4% as cautionary indicators of increasing inflation pressures – the May core CPI inflation was at 2.2%.
And what was the credit markets response to this? Not much! This was so highly anticipated that the event itself was a yawner. Although over in the bond market investors took notice, and flattened the yield curve a little more – not yet flat, but flattening.
But as real estate investors, what does this mean to us? A couple things to note. Historically flattening yield curves were a harbinger of recessions, this going back to at least the ’70s. 100% predictive? Of course not, but significant enough to take notice. What else? GDP contracts, unemployment increases, rents not locked in fall, and those long term leases with escalations are re-negotiated, or tenants walk and vacancies increase. To counter-act the above, the Fed historically reduces interest rates to stabilize the economy.
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