“Counsel Mortgage and John Rapasky is an excellent choice if you are looking for real estate finance.  I have been a full time practicing real estate broker for over 15 years, licensed in Arizona and California.  I have worked with more lenders than I can count.  In the last transaction in which I represented the buyer, I had the chance to work with John.  John’s rates and pricing were better than two other local lenders, which is why my buyer chose to work with him, but finance is so much more than pricing, and John delivered on all accounts.  We met all our benchmarks through the escrow process, and we closed on time without any issues.  I would not hesitate and intend on sending any buyers I represent to John should they need financing.  Even if you have another lender in mind, I highly recommend you give John a call and see what he can do for you.  A true professional.”

Peter Gladkin

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