Borrow money at the lowest rate and costs.

This is common sense.

So, why do many people continue to borrow mortgage loans at higher rates and costs?

Because, they do not consult with a mortgage broker.

Mortgage brokers work with lenders in the wholesale marketplace and pass on these rates and costs to their customers. Further, mortgage brokers’ compensation is
legislated to not exceed 3% of the amount financed, including the wholesale lender’s fees, and is disclosed on every transaction. Mortgage banks, and banks, do not have this restriction. They can make as much as they want on any loan and do not have to disclose it. Why does this matter? Because the higher the rate, the more the lender makes. Thus, they can charge higher rates than mortgage brokers, as their
compensation is not legislatively limited.

So, why would you want to get your mortgage with a banker?

Counsel Mortgage is a mortgage broker. Contact us and we will help you find
money at the lowest rates and costs.

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