First off, I just wanted

First off, I just wanted to start by saying what a pleasure it was in working with you in purchasing my very own first home. You were intelligent, helpful and insightful in helping me through the complicated process. I realize that there were several road bumps along the way, probably more than normal for you, but I can’t stress how much I appreciated you helping me navigate through each and every obstacle.

It’s been going on a few months now that I have been living in my home, and I still can’t describe the smile I have each day when I get home from work just by simply walking through my front door. The house is truly everything that I could have wanted in a home, and then some. It is a very proud feeling to call myself a homeowner, and you helped me realize that goal. I meant to write this letter to you much sooner, but alas things always seemed to keep coming up, which unfortunately delayed this message.

But today, I finally decided that this would be my number one priority. To put everything else on hold, just as you did so many times for me during those several months. So with that said John, I just want to say one last time, how much I greatly appreciate all the work you did on my behalf. You made a frustrating process into a very positive result. And for that, I thank you ten times over.