We named our company Counsel Mortgage because this is what we do. We provide counsel to help you find the right mortgage. We are a mortgage broker, and search wholesale lenders to find the best rate and costs. That is it. It’s pretty simple.
When you are searching for a mortgage company to help you, consider the name of their company. Is their company named to provide quick loans, guarantee a rate, or provide a depot where you can get a loan? What does it mean to provide a quick loan? Is it the right loan for you, or is it just quick? We can close quickly, but we feel it is important to counsel you to get you into the right loan. What rate is guaranteed? Is it the best rate and product for you? Do you want to get a loan at a depot? What does this mean?
There are many mortgage companies in the marketplace. Take a look at their name. It may give you an idea of their mission. Our mission is simple: counsel you to the right mortgage at the best rates and costs.
We offer a variety of products and services, ask us how we can assist you today:
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